Toddler Valentines day activities round-up

PicMonkey Collage

As a mom to a three year old, I am ALWAYS searching for new ways to incorporate the holidays into activities and crafts. We have probably made something for the grandparents for every holiday since I could paint his hand and press it against something! If you’re anything like me you could spend hours searching […]

Cheesy Quinoa and Broccoli


  Sometimes, getting kids to eat healthy can be a major chore. They can throw a lot of “I don’t like that” your way before they even try what you’re making. This simple recipe is not only healthy, it’s deliciously simple to make. When I make it for my family, it’s the entire meal but […]

How to Survive the Holidays With Safety 1st & Car Seat Giveaway


As you’re getting ready to head to see the in-laws, grandparents, extended family (I could go on) for the holidays I know you have a lot on your mind. Well, Safety 1st and Mom and Pop Culture want to help take a little of that stress away with some fantastic tips to help you survive […]

Melt in your mouth cheesy bacon burgers


Have you ever had a burger that was so deliciously fantastic it just melted in your mouth? This recipe to make a cheesy bacon burger is to die for, and they’re very much so husband approved. If my husband could eat these burgers every single day he would… and who would blame him?! Even more reason to double […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Expecting Moms


If you have a mom to be on your list this year, one of these fantastic gifts on our expecting moms holiday gift guide is exactly what you’re looking for! Boppy Custom Fit Total Body pillow If you’ve ever been pregnant you know that there is absolutely NOTHING more important than comfort… especially at night when it is the absolute hardest […]

Handmade by Hamond Review and Giveaway


If you’re anything like me you spend hours on Pinterest looking at the cutest crocheted things… hats, scarves, stuffed toys…and thinking all about how you’re definitely going to make them.  Then, while you’re busy making the plans to do that you realize that you have no time, ability, or desire to actually make the things […]