Freezer Cooking For The Busy Mom

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(Photo courtesy of 30daygourmet)

As a busy wife and work at home mom of a toddler on the go, I don’t always have time to create a culinary masterpiece every night. Take out can get expensive, and those prepackaged freezer meals in cardboard are usually unhealthy and tasteless.

Recently I discovered a new trend called Freezer Cooking. It allows you to cook tasty and well balanced meals for your family in very little time each night. What is Freezer Cooking exactly? The concept is to pick a day or a few days per month to “cook” for the rest of the month.

Sounds impossible right? Actually Freezer Cooking is quite simple! The idea is to cook or prep in bulk, then portion and freeze your pre made meals for those nights when you have less time, or just plain don’t feel like cooking. Sounds like a recipe for a much simpler life.

Now on to some tasty recipes!

Italian Lemon Chicken from The Willing Cook

image(Photo courtesy of The Willing Cook)

This is a tried and true favorite in my house! We grill the chicken with red bell peppers and it is delicious.

Honey Teriyaki Chicken from Frugalitygal (YUM!)

image(Photo courtesy of Frugalitygal)

This is your answer to Chinese take out!

Homemade Frozen Pizza from Homemakers Challenge

image(Photo courtesy of Homemakers Challenge)

Who doesn’t love pizza? These can be frozen with our without your choice of toppings.

Healthy Meatball Sandwich from Thriving Home

image(Photo courtesy of Homemakers Challenge)

Multiply your recipe and have plenty of sauce and meatballs for a spaghetti dinner.

The search continues for new freezer friendly recipes to try. Next up will be Freezer Cooking for the crock pot. If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share, comment below. The tastiest recipes will be added later, along with a Cooking day tutorial.



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