Baby Bump Bundle

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BBBA new twist on the subscription box!

  I LOVE getting packages in the mail… am I the only one or does it always feel like Christmas morning when you see something waiting for you on your front porch? When I got my BumpBundle I was so excited to see which one I would get and I ended up getting a little bit of all the bundles!


BumpBundles are curated care packages featuring handpicked products specifically selected for expecting women, at each stage of pregnancy. A perfect gift or a great way for mom-to-be to pamper herself. You can order one, two or all three bundles with deliveries of the surprise boxes scheduled throughout the nine months of pregnancy! From beauty products to clothing to fashion accessories, BabyBumpBundle aims to make the mother-to-be feel great inside and out.

IMG_5903  The fitbook mama2b fitness journal (included in the FitBumpBundle) is perfect for tracking everything throughout the whole 40 weeks form food to your runs! I’m an avid runner (mud-runs, color runs, pretty much any run I can have fun at!) and this book is awesome! We all know how easy it is to give into pregnancy cravings that aren’t the best ideas you’ve ever had (frozen burritos at 2 AM is something I’m not exactly proud to own up to!).


  This book has some great ways to help you keep track of everything. It tells you how to calculate the healthy amount of weight for you to gain, tips for how to have a fit pregnancy, even lists of pregnancy power foods and how much of each food group to get in on a daily basis. You can even jot down notes, doctor’s appointments, feelings, and of course keep up with the fruit that represents the size of your baby each week.


This nail polish (included in the First Trimester BumpBundle) is child and pregnancy safe and makes moms look great on the outside which of course makes us feel great on the inside. When I was pregnant with my now 2 year old I would go and get mani/pedi’s so often (oh, the luxuries you take for granted during first pregnancies!) that the girls at the salon know my name and always wanted to talk about baby. I love doing my nails at home too though and it is a nice relaxing thing to do. I probably won’t make it into a salon to get a pedicure until I feel so uncomfortable I would do anything to get the baby out baby is ready to make his/her way into the world; but at least no one else will be able to tell by my toes!

IMG_5922These are naturally flavored lozenges (also included in the First Trimester BumpBundle) that give relief of dry mouth and nausea. Preggie Pops offer relief via a combination of essential oils, aromatherapy and their unique (and tasty) delivery system. I’m past the horrible morning sickness stage, but I often get that light headedness from the sudden realization that I need to eat. These seem like a perfect and quick “throw in the bag” type of treat that won’t spoil that will help take are of those moments. Plus – it’s candy. What preggo woman do you know that would say no to candy?!


I got the Everyday Cami in black by Ingrid & Isabel (included in the Second Trimester BumpBundle). It is an ultra-soft, seamless maternity tank top that stretches to provide a smooth silhouette throughout pregnancy. I wasn’t quite as toned this time around as I was before my first pregnancy, and this cami really helps smooth things out. Plus, who doesn’t need more cami’s to help stretch some of the pre-pregnancy wardrobe?


Earth Mama Body Butter – I swear this lotion was sent down directly from Mount Olympus! Included in the First or Second Trimester BumpBundle, it’s an organic, pure, luxurious lotion perfect for moisturizing dry, itchy, stretching skin and (hopefully) prevention of stretch marks. I get obsessed with finding the perfect lotion while I’m pregnant and who knew I would get it in the mail> It is great to use all over your body – your ever growing belly ( and your ever growing everything else!) – wherever you need it most!

Overall I was so pleased with this box! Well worth the cost to me, and a cute way to send a pregnancy care package to a loved one! And they don’t forget about the bundle of joys arrival! Their BabyBundle is the perfect gift for newborns, and they also have a BreastfeedingBundle with nursing essentials for new moms!





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