Holiday Gift Guide for Husbands

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Astak Neos

unnamed What is better than a Tablet? A Tablettop! This amazing product is basically a tablet desktop computer. It’s android run so it can get all your favorite apps (never fear candy crush addicts, it’s there!) and is so easy to use, my toddler had it figured out in five minutes flat! This awesome tablettop has not only a camera, but also a video recorder. It’s perfect to Skype with the relatives far away or for the kiddo to call hubby while he’s in the office! Why is this the perfect gift for YOUR husband? The answer is simple. My hubby hasn’t stopped playing with it since we opened it! I even woke to find it on before he took off to work this morning. This product is stylish and sleek, perfect for the desk or even in the kitchen for the chef in your house to have his favorite recipe right in front of him! Really, this is a product you would have to play with yourself to truly appreciate how genius it is. Right now you can get this rockin’ product on sale both on Amazon and Ebay just for the holidays!

Brenne Whisky

What man isn’t looking for tall, silky smooth and rich with a lot of body? Well now yours can have it with Brenne Whisky and not get into (too much) trouble. This is not your average whiskey. First it is a single malt whiskey that is distilled in France. Second it is aged in cognac casks that give it distinct notes of fruit, caramel and even chocolate. Which brings me to my third point ladies. YOU will actually like this whiskey too. At first I was hesitant to try it because whiskey generally isn’t my thing. So the in-laws and I tried it together, and WOW! From the first sniff I could tell this was mellow, and yet not. So I dove in and took a sip. The flavors that washed over my tongue were complex, soft and bold, sweet and savory. Then you get just a little warmth at the end. This is definitely a whiskey you’ll want to savor. Find Brenne Whisky in your area or from an online retailer.


Titanium Cable Money Clip

unnamed (11)

This stylish money clip by Titanium Jewelry is a great choice for the classy man in your life. It’s sleek and gorgeous, what man wouldn’t want that? The black titanium cable on this money clip not only makes it unique but adds a great deal of style! I noticed that this clip is heavy duty and will last your man a long time! It comes with a lifetime warranty so there is no need to worry that he will ever have to go without this top notch clip. Need to get it last minute? Don’t you fret. Titanium Jewelry is offering free two day shipping! Order it HERE!

Seamhead T-Shirt

What do you get the baseball lover in your family? Why not a new Seamhead original design shirt? Each design is printed on a super soft cotton shirt. My husband loves wearing his shirt with warm up pants just lounging around the house, or with jeans while out and about. I may just have to “borrow” this shirt because it looks so comfy! Seamhead is a brand new company that designs for the baseball enthusiast. So hit a home run with your baseball junkie with this “Live Life Like You’re Batting .400″ tshirt. To order any one of Seamhead’s original design baseball shirts click HERE!

Pelcor Wallet

Every husband and father can use a new wallet this holiday season. My husband is getting a Pelcor genuine cork skin wallet in winter blue which reminds me of a winter twilight sky. It is approximately 11cm by 12cm which is a smidge bigger than the average back pocket but its perfect for the briefcase. The cork skin is soft and supple so there is no pesky breaking it in period. All Pelcor products are sustainable and Eco-friendly too. Pelcor offers a variety of wallets, tablet holders, and even belts and bags. To order a Pelcor wallet click HERE. Pelcor is offering FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2013.


This time of year the weather keeps everyone on their toes. And after this last snow and ice storm my husband was glad to have his Blizzerater. With over seven inches of freshly fallen snow, cleaning off the car was a snap with the large squeegee end. This is possibly the longest and most effective winter tool I have used. The Blizzerater is ergonomically designed with an ice scraper on one end and a snow brush inside a squeegee on the other end. I really like that it can be extended so you don’t have to lean into cold snow to clean off your windows. It is even long enough to reach the top of my four wheel drive Jeep. Seriously you need to get this for your husband if you live in a snow prone area. To order click HERE.

GoComics By Universal Uclick

We know husbands and dads get lots of ties and other clothing items as gifts each year. So what can you get that your man doesn’t already have? How about a framed or unframed print of his favorite comic strip? Universal Uclick, a part of Andrews McMeel Universal, is home to many of the most famous comic strips in history including Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and Pearls Before Swine. The print I got was crisp and clean and perfect for framing. Click HERE to choose the perfect print for your loved one.

Pacific Shaving Company

What Men’s Gift Guide would be complete without shaving accessories?
Pacific Shaving Company is not your average shave cream though. Not only do they offer fantastic shaving products made right here in the good ole US of A, but they are natural, organic, and Eco-friendly too. Did I mention that these items are TSA friendly? So no problems packing these in your carry on luggage. And each and every purchase plants a new tree. How cool is that? Click HERE to plant your own tree! Pacific Shaving Company is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 and up. And ladies, they offer products for us too. So don’t forget to order a little something for yourself when you are buying these great stocking stuffers for your man.

 Fryin’ Saucer



Have an outdoor man in your life? What about one that just likes hanging on the patio? If you have a hubby that enjoys deep fried foods, the Fryin’ Saucer is for him! This one of a kind portable deep fryer is perfect for tailgating, ice fishing, camping, sitting at the dock or even hanging out in your own backyard! There is no need to drain your food on paper towels or in a basket with this unique fryer. Just simply place the cooked items around the grease and they will drip away! Don’t worry about a mess either. This fryer is super easy to clean! I think this is one of the best gifts you can get your outdoor man or food lover! This awesome invention weighs only 18 lbs and the legs fold in for super easy transport. It even comes with a carrying case to make his deep-fryin’ life even easier! You don’t even need to worry about how long it will last. This bad boy will last up to 3 hours of deep frying time with just a 1 pound canister of gas. Make sure you don’t forget to add a Fryin’ Saucer to your gift list! You can buy it directly from the Fryin’ Saucer Guys right HERE.



unnamed (21) Pickwick & Weller

If your hubby is anything like mine, he isn’t the easiest man to shop for. What’s the perfect gift for the man that has everything? Why the answer is simple. A super comfy yet completely stylish t-shirt from Pickwick & Weller is exactly what you need. These t-shirts are so soft it’s unreal. Somehow they manage to make a ton of t-shirts that aren’t just made for lounging in (although they are definitely comfy enough to do so) they are also stylish enough to wear every day. Pickwick & Weller has TONS of styles to choose from and different colors for each style as well. No matter what type of husband you have, I promise you will find the perfect shirt for him with Pickwick & Weller. This company has designer looks for great prices. What’s the best part? They even have a 20% discount code you can get by submitting your email for your first order of $50 or more! Well, now I think you had just better go get one for every guy in your family! My hubby loves these shirts so I know yours will too. Don’t forget to head over HERE to pick up a few while you’re doing your online holiday shopping… you wont regret it!

Live Love Dew

Ladies don’t you just love it when your man smells delicious AND has soft snugly skin? If so you need to check out Live Love Dew! These skin loving products are natural and formulated for sensitive skin. And let me tell you how wonderful they smell. My husband generally shies away from colognes and heavy smells but he actually liked the Dewd Drench Lotion, and Body Butter for men. Any time I can get him to wear anything fragranced I am a happy girl. And ladies they have plenty of women’s products too, so check them out. Here is a special discount just for Mom And Pop Culture readers. Save 15% on your order at by using MOMPOP15 in the coupon code section when you spend $20 or more.


Want to keep your man looking sharp this holiday season? Then you need to get him some Cleverfit Adjustable Collar Stays. These precision fit stays keep his collar looking perfect, and take all the work out of getting everything to lay properly. My husband usually fights with his collar and tie trying to get them both to lay right, now he doesn’t have to. I was surprised how easily these keep him looking crisp and ready for business. Even better is the fact that the Cleverfit Adjustable Collar stays are great for every day wear too. Click HERE to order these for your sharp dressed man and get FREE worldwide shipping.


Craft Beer Club


Want to give your husband what he REALLY wants for Christmas this year? If your dude loves craft beers like mine does then there is no better gift to get him than the Craft Beer Club subscription! At only $37.95 a month, this is the ultimate treat for any beer lover! The craft beer club features two different micro brewery’s each month with two types of beer from each brewery, three of each beer making up a 12 pack!  As if that wasn’t cool enough, they throw goodies in too! We received the ultimate beer snacks (varieties of peanuts) as well as little glasses to hold them in and an awesome bottle opener. You can give a gift of 1-12 months of a subscription as well. My husband even says this is one of the best gifts he could ask for. Everyone loves the excitement of a subscription box, why not give him one with what he really wants inside!? This is the gift he’s going to brag about to all his friends, make sure you grab it HERE.


Is your hubby the pickup truck outdoorsy type? If so he needs a LoopRope. This versatile rope can help with just about any project on his “Honey-Do” list. Sounds like a win win kind of gift to me! He can use it to tie down large and odd shaped items in the back of his pickup or onto the back of an ATV. It can be used to store tools up and out of the way in the garage. And if your husband likes to camp, it is great to keep food stores above where any curious animals can reach. With the design of the LoopRope and clips, it will fit completely to his needs every time he wants to use it. Click HERE to get your husband is own LoopRope.

SKIL Ratch-N-Lock

Got a gadget lover in your house? Then the SKIL Ratch-N-Lock pliers are the perfect stocking stuffer gift. This is the one stop shop for your DIYer.
My husband uses this for putting together all of our outdoor Christmas decorations. Those underachieving Griswolds have nothing on us! He especially likes that it can be adjusted with one hand making two handed jobs even easier. So get your handyman his very own SKIL Ratch-N-Lock pliers. You will thank yourself for it later when all those unfinished projects get done. Click HERE to order or visit your local Home Depot.


Does your guy like camping or even just having some people over for a bonfire party? IncinerGrate can take that camping trip or bonfire to the next level. Why waste tons of time trying to light a fire when you can spend it enjoying the great outdoors or with friends and family. With IncinerGrate it is quicker and easier to get your fire started, and they burn longer and stronger than regular fires. To order an IncinerGrate for your camper or outdoor party guy click HERE.


Enjoy a relaxing and comforting day by the fire this Christmas with your family. CleanFlame makes Eco-friendly firelogs from 100% recycled material. These firelogs produce very little to no smoke or scent. A single CleanFlame firelog will burn for up to 3 hours letting you spend more time with your family. To find a store near you that carries CleanFlame firelogs and fire starters click HERE.

Under Armour Sunglasses


Need something for the athlete in your life? Under Armour has the sunglasses for him! They have a very wide variety of sunglasses that fit whatever sport your man is into. They even have the right style for any guy that just wants to look cool. With the many styles that they have you can find anything you want from different shaped lenses to picking the color. I guarantee you can find the right sunglasses no matter who your husband is! The best protection for your eyes is just a pair of Under Armour sunglasses away. While you’re getting some glasses, don’t forget to check out their sports gear for you and the kids as well. Their awesome sunglasses are available at many mass retailers around the country as well as the styles they have on their website HERE.






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