Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Ages 6-12

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1965 VW Camper Van Play Tents

vwkidtent_1-u1682What kid doesn’t love playing in a tent?  They can disappear into their own little world inside a tent, and this 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent by The Monster Factory goes one step further!  The eternally cool VW Van is now available for your kids to take a trip anyplace that their imaginations can take them.  Easily set up anywhere from the backyard, to the beach, to your living room… your kids can pile in, listen to a little Grateful Dead, and go to their own pretend Woodstock.  Or, if they’re like normal kids, they’ll just have a ton of fun in this awesome tent!  Every kid likes pretending to drive around, and this is perfect for that!  Stores in it’s own VW wheel bag and quickly put up, it’s perfect for expanding your kid’s imaginations!  The 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent makes a great gift that is sure to be a hit!


Motorola Talkabout MG160

unnamed-2Anyone who’s ever been a child (so everybody) knows how cool walkie talkies are.  There’s no convincing needed for anyone to remember how fun it was playing outside as a kid and talking with your friends on a set of walkie talkies.  The Motorola Talkabout MG160 is pretty much as cool as it gets!  Perfect for kids to stay connected with their friends while they play, OR (and this is my favorite idea), perfect for your kid to have one, and YOU to have the other!  No more yelling outside when it’s time for them to come in!  With a range of up to 16 MILES, you’re able to check in with your kids while still letting them play.  Motorola Talkabout MG160 is a great gift for the kids in your life!



unnamedWinner of the “2013 Top Toys of the Year” by Creative Child Magazine and making Parenting
Magazine’s “Toys of the Year Playlist”, Brobo and his pals are a snuggly light up toy for your kids!  With just the wave of their hand over Brobo’s light, kids can choose between either a bright flashlight mode or a dim nightlight mode at bedtime.  It’s the perfect toy to help kids ease their bedtime fears, because nobody’s a tougher friend than a robot!  It’s empowering for kids to NOT feel afraid of something, and this toy truly helps with that!  No more need for hall lights to be on or Mom to keep being called back into the room at bedtime, no… Brobo is the perfect toy to help your kids fall asleep easily and without any fear of the dark.


girls_fashion_shoot_rawGirls Fashion Shoot for Nintendo 3DS

There aren’t a lot of Nintendo 3DS games out there for girlie girls, but Girls Fashion Shoot definitely fills that need!  A game with the premise of modeling your fashions on the cover of magazines and then getting to go to auditions, it’s every little style mavens dream game!  With an overarching theme of working hard and following your dreams, it’s a fun and easily played game that kids will catch onto quickly.  Cute graphics, the ability to design pages and move stickers, and design a whole life for the character,  Girls Fashion Shoot is a great gift for any little girl.

The Friendship Show

FriendshipCover1_37e73fe1-71cb-485b-9691-55fa71c7a638_largeThe Friendship Show from Ruby’s Studio is an absolutely adorable way to teach kids about “The Golden Rule”, to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  A life lesson that every child should learn, and helps instill compassion, empathy, and conflict resolution.  With an incredible likable host, Ruby, kids spend time learning these lessons in her magical art studio.  It’s a super fun, full length DVD that teaches kids without them actually realizing that they’re learning anything.  Great values and a sweet premise have made this movie a hit in my home and I’m sure it’ll be just as popular in yours!  The Friendship Show from Ruby’s Studio is a great addition to any holiday gift list!


 SIGG for Cuipo

unnamed-1One of the best gifts that we, as parents, can give to our kids is the motivation and skills needed to protect our planet.  The SIGG bottle for Cuipo is amazing at helping with that!  These water bottles are fashionable, with a variety of styles to suit any kids look, and since they’re made by SIGG, a manufacturer of premium Swiss made bottles, you can be assure that it’s high quality and both BPA free and phthalate free.  The best part of purchasing these bottles is that with the bottle comes an activation code which, when entered online, preserves one square meter of rainforest in your child’s name.  So you’re not just giving them a really cool SIGG bottle, you’re giving them a connection to the earth and a feeling that will encourage them to continue to be a protector of our planet.  SIGG bottle for Cuipo is a fun, stylish way to keep your kids well hydrated and save a little piece of the planet.  There’s no bigger gift than that.

Inspector Gadget Megaset

InspectorGadget_Megaset_2013Inspector Gadget is back!!!  The kooky detective with his sidekick/neice, Penny, is back and fighting crime again!  The Megaset includes all of seasons 1 & 2, and unlike most of the cartoons that your kids watch, you’ll LOVE watching these with them, since it’s from your childhood!  The whole Inspector Gadget universe is just waiting to be gifted to your kids, though!  DVD’s, Christmas specials, video games for XBox, Playstation, and WII, apps for IOS Devices, iPhones, and iPod Touches, and even an Inspector Gadget comic book!   So go-go gadget legs and run to grab this line for your kids!  Or heck, get it for yourself because you remember how much fun it was to watch Inspector Gadget in your pajamas on Saturday mornings!


BYOU Magazine

Cover_noCode_lrIn a day and age where tween girls are bombarded by media images of twerking Mileys and false images of celebrity perfection, it seems like our daughters don’t stand a chance to feel good about themselves, just as they are.  These girls now have a new influence, BYOU Magazine!  A magazine specifically for tween girls that provides them positive role models, shows them that regular girls can be heros, and that beauty comes in a variety of packages, small, large, light, dark, it doesn’t matter… beauty comes from within.  This gives girls the confidence to be themselves, with a mantra of “Be Your Own You” how could it not?  This Christmas, give your daughter the gift of confidence with BYOU Magazine.


Beeswax Roll A Candle Kit

MakeYourOwnBeeswaxCandlesKit (1)Kids love crafts, it’s a simple fact.  They love the process of getting to make something and then getting to show off their new creation.  The Beeswax Roll A Candle Kit from Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles is great for anybody, including kids!  Since you simply roll the sheets of beeswax there’s no risk of kids burning themselves on melted wax.  It’s easy to do, produces beautiful results, and is a great way to bring out your child’s creativity while keeping them occupied doing something constructive.  And the best part is that it a quiet, creative activity that doesn’t require any computers, tvs, or cell phones.  It’s a simple way for your kids to unplug and have fun!  Beeswax Roll A Candle Kit is the perfect gift for your little crafter!


Zumba Kids

OpenZoomLayerThe worldwide fitness craze, Zumba, is absolutely everywhere and kids want in too!  Regular Zumba videos are too hard and a little too boring for kids, so Zumba Kids for Wii and XBox is so great.  It’s the same fast pace dancing that will encourage kids to get their hearts pumping and feet moving, but with the music they love, like Justin Bieber and Willow Smith among other big names.  No kid wants a boring workout video but for a generation of kids with so many sedentary activities,  this ultimate dance party is fantastic!  There’s loads of dance styles including salsa, swing, and hip hop but all the moves are still easy enough for kids to do without getting frustrated.  Zumba Kids super fun, and a great activity for the whole family to do together!


May Designs


Photo credit, Chicago Prepster

May Designs books are absolutely the cutest thing out there.  Custom designed books in absolutely darling patterns and colors, these books are perfect for kids who want to begin journaling.  Every kid loves seeing their name on pretty things (heck, so do most adults!) and this is just perfect!  The books can be monogrammed or have the child’s full name printed on it, and you can even customize the paper… lined, graph paper, dotted… the possibilities are endless for making sure that your May Designs book is the perfectly personal give for your child!


Isabella Grace Jewelry

lovely hearts bracelet 500HREvery girl loves jewelery, that’s a fact that spans the ages, and Isabella Grace Jewelry is a beautiful way to start your little girls jewelry collection.  Sweet and delicate designs engraved with her initial or name in fine silver adorned with a Swarvoski crystal accent.  This jewelry is absolutely beautiful, with a sturdy clasp that will still withstand being on the wrist of an active little girl, and reasonably priced.  Isabella Grace Jewelry is a beautiful way to surprise a little girl with her first grownup gift.

Shower Bug

Picture 5Who doesn’t love singing in the shower?  Well kids are no exception, so these Shower Bugs by Zadro Inc are great to help your budding little musician perfect their bath tub tunes.  With a totally cute design and suction cup feet to secure it to any smooth wall, it’s a quirky and fun addition to your bathroom, whether it’s in use or not.  Water-resistant exterior makes it safe for the bathroom and Am/Fm radio guarantees that your shower singer will have great music to sing along with.  The Shower Bug is a fun and unique gift that’s sure to put a smile on any child’s face.


Safe Soundz Headphones

unnamed-7Every parent knows just how fragile their child’s hearing is but it’s so hard to monitor how loud their headphones are when they’re listening to iPods.  Maxell has found to solution to that with Safe Soundz, headphones designed specifically for children.  With two designs, ear buds and over the ear head phones, as well as being sized for two age groups, (3-5 and 6-9), and coming in both pink and blue, there’s something for everyone.  These headphones have cute designs that kids like, padded head bands, and the best part is that the volume ALWAYS stays at a safe listening level for children, 75 to 85 decibels.  A person’s hearing is so important, and Safe Soundz allows you to protect your child’s ears.

Net Nanny

net_nanny_boxshotOk ok ok, family safety software probably isn’t every child’s dream gift.  However any parent knows just how important a gift like Net Nanny is for any household with children.  Installed on the family computer, Net Nanny protects your child from inappropriate adult websites, online predators, and cyber bullying as well as much more.  Available for both Mac and Windows, Net Nanny is able to monitor social networking as well as helping with time management.  The internet is such a huge part of every day life so as parents we have to make sure that it’s safe for our kids.  Net Nanny is a valuable gift for any house with children.



BabbaBox-Every kid loves getting mail, so BabbaBox by Babba Co. is a great gift for kids!  A monthly subscription box company that sends kids get craft projects to do with their families.  Developed with educators and curators to ensure that the projects are age appropriate and fun for the child.  It’s a great way for kids to try new things, and for you to be sure that you have all of the necessary supplies for your child to create the a masterpiece.  BabbaBox is a unique gift that will enrich children’s lives and encourage creativity.


Bead for Life

beadforlifeBead for Life is, quite frankly, an absolutely amazing company.  Not only do they create beautiful handmade beaded jewelry, but it’s made by women in Uganda living in extreme poverty.  The company is a non profit grass roots organization that helps these women build businesses and earn incomes for their families.  This is one of the best gifts that a child could be given… the knowledge that they’re helping people who live in a way that is unimaginable to them.  Yes, the jewelry is absolutely beautiful, but more than that, the company is beautiful.  It’s such a wonderful way to start your children off on a path of helping those less fortunate, and that’s what the holiday season is truly about.  Bead for Life doesn’t just help women in Uganda, it helps us all become better people.


I hope this Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Ages 6-12 has helped you find gift ideas for the children in your life, they’re all products that have been personally tested by me and I truly believe that each and every one would make a kid’s holiday the best ever!    Happy Holidays!



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