Holiday Gift Guide for Teenagers

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Mini Mantras

Mini Mantras

Looking for a great stocking stuffer AND a way to remind your kids just how great they are? These mini mantras by iadoreme is the perfect gift! Our kids can be their own worst critics during the teen years but these adorable little pins can be mixed and matched to remind your teen just how wonderful they are! We LOVE that! Reasonably priced at $19.95, these positive and uplifting messages can be pinned to anything to add a fun and empowering splash of color. To order yours, click HERE or go to or today!

microBEAT Portable Wireless Speaker

Microbeat_BIGWhat teenager doesn’t love music? Unfortunately there isn’t always an electrical outlet handy to listen to your tunes at the beach, the pool or just the backyard. The microBEAT Portable Wireless Speaker is the perfect solution! This compact little speaker pops open to deliver unbelievably amazing sound! And the best part is that it’s totally wireless! It has a long lasting rechargeable battery  and plays your favorite music using your Bluetooth signal. What teen wouldn’t want the microBEAT Portable Wireless Speaker this Christmas? To order yours for $49.99, click HERE today!

 Digitz EZ Mouse

EZ-MouseLove the ease of a wireless mouse but hate constantly changing the batteries? The Digitz EZ Mouse is your answer! This wireless mouse charges through its own, on board USB and lasts for up to six weeks, depending on usage. It even has power back up so there is no loss of connection while it’s charging. It is compatible with PC, MAC and notebooks all without any software!  This 1000 DPI high precision mouse is also great for left or right handed users and can even be customized with your own picture! The Digitz EA Mouse is a perfect gift for any computer user on your list! To order one for $49.99 click HERE.

 The Wrist Jockey

WristJockey_SMMake your IPod nano more accessible with The Wrist Jockey. Simply open the clip on your IPod nano and slide it across the Wrist Jockey cradle until the clip fits into the slot. You know your IPod is securely attached when you hear the nano clip snap into place. The Wrist Jockey is super easy to use and it keeps your music, pictures and whatever else you have stored right at hand without the risk of dropping your IPod. These little gems are available for $47.99 if you click HERE.

Words Wound – Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral by Justin W. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja

Words WoundThis book addresses an important issue that is a very real part of our kids lives these days; cyber-bullying. Offering real-world advice on how to recognize  cyber-bullying and what to do about it if they see or experience it, this easy to read book is geared to middle and high school aged kids. The authors do a wonderful job of presenting important information in  a kid friendly way. They even include stories by kids who have experienced, participated in or witnessed cyber-bullying making the book even more accessible to teens of all ages. Words Wound is a must read at 208 pages, soft covered and retails for $9.59. Click HERE to order your copy now.

The Arrow Catcher by Jim Mather

Arrow CatcherIn this exciting story set in 1948, a young boy is sent to live with his grandfather in  postwar Japan after the death of his parents. Young Jonathan must learn to cope with his new life in a foreign country, a culture he is unfamiliar with and a new school all  as he hunts down the people who murdered his family.

As a reviewer,  I found myself completely engrossed in The Arrow Catcher  from page one. The suspenseful story and fascinating look into Japanese culture made for a story I just couldn’t put down. I highly recommend it for the reader on your Christmas list! This book is not only available in paperback for $10.77, it is also available for Kindle for only $3.99! Click HERE to order your copy.

 The Slingshot Wireless, Water-Resistant Speaker

slingshot This super cool speaker is a must have if your teenagers are like mine.  My kids almost never shower without their IPods or cell phones on the sink counter playing their favorite music. The only problem is the steam and water can damage these expensive electronics. The answer? The Slingshot Wireless, Water-Resistant Speaker from BlueFlame. This speaker delivers unbelievable sound with increased bass. It syncs with Bluetooth enabled devices and has a wireless range of 33 feet. No more cell phones in the steamy bathroom or in the splash zone of the pool – we LOVE that! It has a rechargeable lithium  battery and even includes a speaker for hands free phone calls! The Slingshot Wireless, Water-Resistant Speaker is available at all Verizon Wireless stores and for $99.99. Other BlueFlame products are also available at major national retailers like Target and Kohl’s.

 1001 People That Suck by Kerri Kochanski

 BOOK-COVER-copy-small11001 People That Suck by Kerri Kochanski is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. This book is an awesome list of the things that bug us all about humanity. From the big things to the little, you will find yourself in fine company as you commiserate over the annoyances we all face (and are sometimes guilty of!) in this lighthearted look at the less pleasant side of people. Click HERE to order your copy  for only $13.00. A steal for such a good laugh!

Treat Soft Candy Jumbo Flavored Lip Balm

290v00Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Then you have to try the Soft Candy Jumbo Flavored Lip Balm by Treat! This absolutely luxurious lip balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and comes in lots of delicious flavors. The coconut oil and shea butter are amazingly moisturizing and soothe dry skin in no time and feel great doing it. Treat is also a cruelty free company and never test their products on animals. To order your Soft Candy Jumbo Flavored Lip Balm for only $8.00 or any of Treats other amazing products, visit them at

Camp by Elaine Wolf

New CAMP CoverAmy Becker certainly doesn’t have it easy in Elaine Wolf’s book, Camp. She lives with her autistic brother and her German-immigrant mother who is a rather harsh woman. Amy attends summer camp where she is bullied by the older campers until she finally gains the courage to stand up for herself. During this same summer, Amy’s cousin shares a secret about her mothers past. A secret that will change Amy and her family forever. A beautifully written and important story about bullying and the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship that is a must read for every young girl! To order your copy for only $13.86, click HERE.

Jamberry Nail Wraps

mainImgJamberry Nail Wraps make a great stocking stuffer for any girl! At only $15.00 for a set of 18 (and for shorter nails, each wrap could be used on both ends giving you 36!), these simple to use nail wraps come in more patterns than you can shake a manicured finger at – more than 275! Choices include patterns, holidays, colleges and even causes like Autism awareness! The possibilities are endless! To order your nail wraps or other nail supplies, click HERE.

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish

18145143Have a science fiction lover on your Christmas list? You will want to check out Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish for sure! This exciting story is the first in the Earthman Jack Space Saga. In it, Jack Finnegan is your average teenager, dealing with bullies, detention and dreaming of girls. Suddenly his life takes a drastic turn as Jack finds himself in the middle of a galaxy wide conflict. Quite literally, the fate of all humanity rests on Jack’s teenaged shoulders. Is he up to the challenge? To order your copy for only $14.52, click HERE.

The Diamond Shield Mobile Device Screen Protector

d298db_969d1bff8f5bc932b088b0d62e7e4ae4.png_srz_p_295_220_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzAs expensive as cell phones are these days it seems to take very little to scratch or worse, break the screens….. until now. The Diamond Shield screen protector is quite literally one of the most amazing products I have encountered. It goes on simply and is made of industrial grade material
that’s strong enough to withstand the power of an electric drill. I’m pretty sure it can handle anything my teenagers can do! Another great feature? When your phone is off, the Instant Mirror technology turns your screen into a mirror. My daughter is going to LOVE this! To order your DIamond Shield screen protector for only $19.95 click HERE and prepare to be amazed.

Ponderables: 100 Breakthroughs That Changed History

Who Did What When – Physics by Tom Jackson

61Gl82vgs9L._AA160_The Ponderables series of books are truly amazingly beautiful books. Each of the four books in the series (Physics, The Elements, Mathematics and The Universe) share 100 stories about discoveries made in that discipline  that changed the way we view our world. Each book has hundreds of stunning photographs, diagrams and charts that bring each story to life. Beautiful and informative! Each book retails for $24.99 and can be purchased by clicking HERE.

Uno Magnetic Jewelry

a1a1109056a411e39dee0a96b9fbd9bb_6Have a creative spirit on your list this year? Uno Magnetic jewelry is the perfect gift. Combine different chains in endless combinations to make necklaces, headbands, bracelets, anklets or rings. Want even more flair? Uno Magnetic also offers charms, earrings and belts! Create a look that is uniquely you! Prices start at just $12.00 so click HERE to order! **This product contains magnets and small parts. It is intended for use by those 14 years and older only.**

Motion Medica Skin Care

motion medicaGive your favorite teen the gift of clear skin this Christmas. Motion Medica’s Botanical Acne Cleanser for Teens and Adults is 94% organic and alcohol and paraben free. It contains no dyes or fragrances and Motion Medica never tests its products on animals. The best part? You can get this amazing product for just $26.97 for an 8oz bottle – which will last between 2 and 3 months! A gentle yet effective quality acne product at a reasonable price? Now that’s a gift anyone would love to receive! Click HERE to order yours today!

Rock-It 3-D

Rock-It_3___CupThe Rock-It 3-D‘s claims to turn anything into a speaker left me pretty skeptical…. until I tried it for myself. This little gadget is only about three inches long but don’t let its small size fool you – this product is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! Rock-It plugs into your music device on one end and turns your music into sound vibrations. On the other end is a small “pod” that sticks to anything and allows the sound to be not only heard but amplified. The sound doesn’t get distorted and offers good bass and volume. The more Rock-It’s you attach, the louder it gets. As I am writing this review, I am actually listening to Christmas music through an empty UPS box. How cool is that? Click HERE for special holiday pricing.


SkullysDoes your family love game night? Mine does and Skullys is a perfect change of pace. It is based on an old street game that started in New York. Players would draw the “game board” on the street in chalk and play pieces consisted of bottle caps. This modern version consists of a 4×4 vinyl mat on which players have to shoot their pieced into numbered spaces. While doing so, players have to keep their piece on the board while avoiding their opponents or knocking opponents off the board. The last one still “alive” wins! This super fun game can be played indoors or out and is fun for everyone in the family. The mat and play pieces are very durable and a great value at only $39.95. Click HERE to order the hit of your next family game night.

Mobile Clean and Go

16e47fdc2978422e9a863394fe6b7140Here is another great stocking stuffer for your tech savvy teen. The Mobile Clean and Go starter kit is the perfect solution for fingerprints on cell phones and smudges on tablets. Small and portable, the Mobile Clean and Go kit can be kept in a purse, pocket, desk drawer or glove box. It is perfect for smudges on your GPS or stereo equipment. It is TSA compliant and each bottle contains over 250 sprays. The great little microfiber pad is machine washable and reduces bacteria on your device by as much as 99%. Perfect for cold and flu season. Click HERE to order your starter kit for only $12.99.

Duo Tagua Earrings by Muichic

duo-tagua-earrings-bp_bigLooking for a truly unique gift? How about the Duo Tagua earrings by Muichic? These beautiful earrings are just one of the many gorgeous, 100% sustainable and organic pieces handmade in Columbia. These lovely pieces are all made from the Tagua nut which is a seed that comes from the ivory-nut palm and grows wild in the rainforest of South America. Click HERE to order these earrings for only $15.00 or to check out Muichic’sother beautiful items.

Eraclea Skincare Products

19I hate to admit it but I’m jealous of my 17 year old daughter. Not the teenage drama but her skin. If only there were a way for her to keep her beautiful skin. Oh wait, there is! The Eraclea Skincare Products are specifically designed to maintain youthful-looking skin through its balance of three molecular forms of hyaluronic acid. This wonderful feeling skincare line helps to relieve dryness and replenish skin for supple, smooth and youthful looking skin. No wonder it has become one of my new favorites!  Help your teen keep that youthful glow and click HERE to order!

The Picture Keeper

product_image_PK4_shadowSometimes I feel like the paparazzi live in my house with the amount of pictures my kids are always taking of, well, everything. What could be better than giving them a way to preserve all those moments? The Picture Keeper makes the perfect gift for teens (and adults!) of all ages. The software is already built in so there is no worry if your little elf isn’t so tech savvy. The Picture Keeper also searches and saves your pictures automatically but doesn’t create copies!  This super user friendly device starts at just $29.99. Click HERE to order yours and check out the holiday specials.


819W-apE1OL._SL1500_Have an aspiring movie producer on you hands? How about a game enthusiast? A class clown?  Schmovie is a new game that will fit everyone on your list and leave them all laughing!    Come up with funny titles for make believe movies based on a film genre (determined by the roll of a die), combined with an outlandish premise (generated by flipping two cards). The Schmovie Producer selects his/her favorite title and awards a Schquid Trophy. First player to collect four Schquids wins! This side splitting game is available on Amazon for only $29.95. Just click HERE to order! 

Block Watch

BLOCKWATCH-blaze-500x500Looking for a really unique and eye catching gift? How about the Block Watch by Ontock? This fun and colorful watch comes in 5 different color schemes with and alarm, stopwatch, nightlight and adjustable strap. What could be better? How about a 5 year warranty and an even lower price tag? Done and done! Click HERE to order your Block Watch for the now lower price of just $34.99.


61SYiqWFbuL._SL1500_Here’s another amazing, “How have I lived without this?” product! The LumoLens super wide angle clip on lens for mobile devices is a must have for the teen who loves to take pictures. Super easy to attach and use, this wide angle lens works with any cell phone and any app! It doesn’t get much easier than that. LumoLens comes with a 0.4x wide angle lens, ring clip, pouch and lens cap all for just $34.99. Click HERE to order.

The Air Chair

AIRCHAIRFor your hard core tailgater the Air Chair is a must. This chair takes the average portable chair and turns it into a super comfy recliner. The Air Chair ingeniously uses the weight of your car or truck to support a simple to assemble frame that suspends the chair. I’m not mechanically savvy but even I was able to assemble this chair in minutes without any tools. Now you can relax in total comfort at tailgating parties or sports events. The Air Chair comes with it’s own carrying bag and comes in your choice of colors. Click HERE to order yours!

I hope this holiday gift guide for teenagers has helped you check a few people off of your shopping list this year!



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