Easy Cheesey Chicken Bakes

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Dinner tonight was one of my favorite go-to meals. It is super easy and thankfully everyone in my family loves them. I serve mine with mashed potatoes and green beans. Yum. These little rolls stuffed with chicken and cheese are something I adapted from a pin I found on Pinterest a loooong time ago. I’m pretty sure that Chicken Bakes are Gavin’s favorite food. He’s obsessed with them. When he sees me putting them together, he freaks out and runs to his high chair. Every time. These rolls are the perfect balance of buttery biscuit, chicken, cheese, and homey goodness. Chicken Bakes have become a staple meal in my home and a food many friends request when they come over. They’re easy to prepare during nap time and bake when it’s time for dinner. These little rolls make a great meal to bring to a new mom or a person in need as well. They reheat beautifully in the oven or microwave, never too chewy like some leftovers can be.

Cheesey Chicken Bakes


2 small chicken breasts (about 8 ounces raw)

1/2 up shredded cheese

1 can of cream of chicken soup

1 tube of crescent roll dough



-Boil the chicken until internal temperature reaches 165*, about 20-30 minutes.

-Preheat oven to 350*

-Prepare the soup, using water, or milk. I use just under a full can, to the top ridge in the can for thicker gravy.

-Allow chicken to cool so you can handle it.

-Shred the chicken. I use my Kitchenaid Stand mixer. Pop the chicken in the bowl, turn the paddle onto “stir” and watch it shred in about 30 seconds. It’s awesome.

-Add the cheese to the chicken.

-Pour a small amount of soup into  13×9 inch pan, just enough to coat the bottom.

-Unroll the dough. Place a small handful of chicken and cheese into a section of the dough. I squeeze them into tight balls to get the dough around them a little easier. Squish the dough around the chicken, making sure there are no holes in the dough.

-Cover each roll with a little soup. You can add the rest of the soup to the pan. I don’t because I find it easier to serve the gravy from a pot instead of the baking dish. Either way will work.

-Bake at 350* for 25-30 minutes, until golden brown.


Serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie. I love green beans with mine, the gravy tastes so good on them! I hope you enjoy these Chicken Bakes as much as my family does. Don’t forget to make extra for lunch the next day! They make the perfect quick reheat meal at work or for busy moms.


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