Homemade Father’s Day Gift Round-up

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There is nothing that show’s Dad “I love you” like a homemade Father’s day gift. Whether your kids have a sporty dad or one that loves to cook, there is the perfect homemade gift out there for him. The problem is, how do you find that “perfect” gift? You could spent countless time searching the internet like I do every time a holiday comes up… Or you could pick one of these rockin’ ideas. That’s right ladies. I already spent the time clicking 100 links making sure the craft was easy and fun just so you don’t have to. Ok, so that may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but why put in the work of searching when you don’t need to? Go ahead and check out these awesome crafts that will be sure to melt Dad’s heart. You wont be disappointed!


Have a Dad that LOVES baseball? Are your summer days filled with baseball games and broken windows?  My hubby can’t get enough and of course that is something he and my son have in common! Make him a baseball plate that he can keep with his baseball collectibles. Dad will be sure to smile every time he looks at this creative plate when going to look for the baseball cards to pass on to your little one. Check out the tutorial HERE.


Running out of time? Need a cute card? HERE is a tutorial for an ADORABLE Father’s day card. Not only is this cute card super easy to make, and budget friendly… It also cures Dad’s sweet tooth. If the Dad in mind is anything like mine, he’ll love any excuse to eat some chocolate. That is, if he can stand taking the precious card apart.


Is the Dad in your life a wanna-be chef? Does he spend most of his time in the kitchen? My hubby would start a fire before creating a mouth-watering dish but this would be the PERFECT gift for my father in law who is one of the best cooks I know! Every time we stop by he’s doing something new. If this is the Dad that you are looking for a gift for, these hand towels are sure to be a hit this Father’s day. Pars Caeli has the how-to.


If the dad you’re buying for spends a ton of time at a desk he likely needs this ridiculously cute paperweight! Whether he spends his days at the home office or away, this rock will be sure to bring a smile to his face every time he looks at it. You can’t give anything better than a gift that is made with love and this paper weight definitely delivers! Find out how to help your little ones make it HERE.


Looking for something simple yet attractive? Crafting in the Rain has an awesome tutorial on how to make this gorgeous stenciled glass plate. You can’t beat something handmade with love that comes out as incredible as this.

necktie key ring 5

If Dad has to wear a tie to work everyday he probably doesn’t get much creativity in his life. Instead of buying him a boring tie year after year (and yes, I have been there and done that), check out this cute homemade tie key ring! Melt dad’s heart ever time he picks up his keys, the directions can be found HERE.


Dad’s everywhere love something that they can hang up in their office or home! This precious picture captures your child’s creativity and is absolutely perfect to hang anywhere. (Hey husband, take notes. I want one that says “mommy” next year!). Head over to Lovely Design’s blog to find out how to make it.


Finally, we have the scrabble letter picture frame. Simple and classy, this gift is perfect for any dad! With tons of personalized options, this is definitely one of my top picks for projects this Father’s day! HERE is how to make this truly heart-warming picture.

I hope you found the perfect gift for all the Dad’s in your life. Go ahead and let us know which idea you like best! Happy Father’s day!


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