Easy Last Minute Koala Costume


Easy Last Minute Koala Costume   Are you like me and procrastinate until the absolute last second before buying a halloween costume? Or do you think you’ll make this awesome costume and then never find the time? Well, I made this absolutely adorable, DIY super easy last minute Koala costume. So, I actually made them […]

Learn to cut pumpkin craft


It was recently brought to my attention that three year old’s should be learning to cut paper. WHAT?! Scissors in the hands of my little trouble maker?! This thought may have been slightly terrifying but regardless, I dragged his little butt over to the craft store so we could pick out some toddler friendly (AKA […]

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Roasted pumpkin seeds are easily one of my favorite things about fall…. you know… after pumpkin pie that is. There are just some things that will always bring back warm and fuzzy memories and roasting the seeds after scooping all the guts out of my pumpkin in preparation for carving  just happens to be one […]

Super Kooky and Unique DIY Kid’s Halloween Costumes


It may not officially be fall just yet, but now that the summer vacations are over and all the kids are back in school, you can’t go into a store without seeing Halloween costumes.  While the store bought costumes are certainly cute, there are only so many of them…. after a while all the kids […]

Last minute, DIY Halloween costume idea


Ahhhh! Halloween is just hours away! What do you do if you put off making your infant daughter’s costume?  I mean, hypothetically of course.  Well, if you find yourself in this hypothetical situation on October 29 (or any day really!), have no fear!  You don’t even have to be uber-crafty, because this absolutely adorable DIY costume is […]

Halloween Craft & Treat Ideas for the Classroom

bananas and orange pumpkins

What better way to celebrate a Halloween classroom party than with fun and creepy crafts and treats? Especially when the kids get to dive in alongside their classmates and make them themselves. I’m using several of these ideas for my own kindergartner and 3rd grader, but they should be appropriate for any elementary stage or […]

Surviving Halloween with Healthy Halloween Treats


          Every child loves going around and collecting their little sack full of candy on Halloween night, and every mom dreads the sugar high, tummy aches, and general insanity that comes with their kids gorging on as much refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup as they can fit into their mouths.  So we’re here […]

Strong Girls Book Character Costumes


One of the most exciting times for kids is Halloween… getting to dress up in crazy clothes and pretend to be someone else is magical for children and even some adults.  Ok, for me.  I love dressing up too, but this is about the kids.  Public schools aren’t able to let kids come to school […]