Veggie Turkey Burgers

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As I have mentioned in a million other posts… It is so freaking hard to get my family to eat healthy!!! So, once my 5 year old got onto a burger kick, I decided to start hiding veggies in them. This sounds disgusting… but trust me, THEY ARE SO GOOD! Now, he even knows what […]

Quick and Easy Allergy and Dye free frosting


If you’re an allergy mom, regardless if it’s one allergy or many- You know just how stressful birthday parties can be. Especially for your own kiddo’s birthday. Even if you are not an allergy mom but want to bring cupcakes to your kids class but there’s a kid in there with an allergy in the […]

Baked Eggplant


In a mission to talk my 4 year old into eating veggies I am now trying to be a little more creative in the veggies we will inevitably fight over. He’s certainly tired of broccoli, peas and green beans… and who can blame him? Instead of bickering over the same foods over and over, he […]

Dairy Free Turkey Pot Pie


Do you have turkey overflowing your freezer from Thanksgiving like I do? Now that Thanksgiving is well over I was more than eager to get all the turkey out of my freezer. The only problem is that since my breastfed daughter is allergic to dairy, I had a really hard time coming up with some […]