Cheater Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


Cheater Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Have you ever bought the refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls from the grocery store before, (I’m sure they’re a staple in all your homes like they were ours), and thought, “I could probably make these?”? Well, I have.  And then I looked into making the dough from scratch, and let me tell you […]

Cold Weather Indoor Activities Roundup


Cold Weather Indoor Activities Roundup I’m from Chicago, and in March, in Chicago, it’s typically snowy, cold, and awful.  Most years, I want to pull my hair out at the end of each weekend, because I’m out of ideas to keep my kids busy indoors.  I’ve gathered a few of my absolute favorite ways to […]

Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know

Elf on the Shelf hacks

Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know  2 Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Hacks This is my third year of doing the Elf on the Shelf and I just realized the biggest life saving hack that every parent needs to know about. The creator of this elf probably didn’t […]

5 Ingredient One Pan Pork Chop Dinner


5 Ingredient One Pan Pork Chop Dinner So I don’t know about you, but during the winter I’m tired, cranky, and lets face it, lazy. It gets dark super early, and by the time dinnertime rolls around, I’m too tired to cook anything that requires much effort.  That’s why I’m loving how awesome this 5 […]

5-minute DIY Mickey Mouse Party Cups


Who doesn’t love Solo cups or a little Disney DIY? This project is perfect for your little one’s class parties at school, to bring a smile to their teachers at daycare, or, like we’re using them, for a birthday party! My son turns a year old in less than 2 weeks. Let me tell you how well I am handling […]

Easy Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Chili


Wouldn’t it be nice at the end of a long day to come home to dinner already made? Well, my friends, thanks to the slow cooker, that is an incredibly easy wish to grant. I’d like to share with you a favorite recipe of mine: southwest chicken chili. It’s kid friendly in my house, and you […]

Birdseed Ornaments!

10397100_10206412511735308_207443535384795468_o (1)

With Autumn approaching and the south Texas heat slacking off, my family finally has time to reconnect with nature a bit. One way we like to do this is by making home-made birdseed ornaments. Not only are they super cute fall decor for your yard, but they are easy to make and we love watching […]