Veggie Turkey Burgers

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As I have mentioned in a million other posts… It is so freaking hard to get my family to eat healthy!!! So, once my 5 year old got onto a burger kick, I decided to start hiding veggies in them. This sounds disgusting… but trust me, THEY ARE SO GOOD! Now, he even knows what […]

Allergy Free Deep Fried Tacos

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When my exclusively breastfed daughter’s GI informed us that she was having issues gaining weight due to a possible milk protein allergy, I was heartbroken! Not only the frustration of mom guilt (you know what I’m talking about) but also the frustration of not knowing what I would eat! The things that have milk proteins […]

Parmesan Spaghetti Squash and Quinoa Fritters


I’m trying SO hard to be healthier this pregnancy than I was with my last because… well… let’s face it. I never really lost the weight the first time. I mean of course giving the growing little spawn bundle of joy inside of me some fantastic nutrition is also a bonus…. but I reallllllly don’t want […]

Fruity Toddler Milkshakes AKA Smoothies


Maybe everyone’s family isn’t like mine… however my children’s basic feeling on eating anything healthy is “heck no, we want scurvy”, which has left me lying to them creatively encouraging them to eat healthy foods.  Enter Fruity Toddler Milkshakes aka Smoothies.  I make smoothies for my kids almost daily, and I change up what I […]