Milk Painting Made Easy


Milk Painting Made Easy I am always looking for new crafts to make with my kiddos, and I see tons and tons of awesome, fun ideas on Pinterest daily, but the problem is: I don’t always have everything required to make said projects.  So, I was browsing Pinterest one day, and found Milk Painting. It […]

St. Patrick’s Day activities round-up


St.Patrick’s Day Activities Round-up I’m a mom of two kids, a 4 year old and a 1 year old (I’m still not sure how she’s actually that old!), but I feel like every holiday I need to do a special craft, make a special food, or do some kind of cool, holiday themed activity with […]

Birdseed Ornaments!

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With Autumn approaching and the south Texas heat slacking off, my family finally has time to reconnect with nature a bit. One way we like to do this is by making home-made birdseed ornaments. Not only are they super cute fall decor for your yard, but they are easy to make and we love watching […]

30 Favorite Parenting Tips of All Time


When you have kids you suddenly have everyone under the sun giving you (oftentimes very unsolicited) parenting advice.  I asked YOU, dear readers, what the best advice you’ve ever received was, and after an overwhelming response, I compiled a list of my favorites.  So here ya go…. Mom & Pop Cultures 30 favorite parenting tips […]

Lucky Penny St Paddy’s Day Craft


If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE when their art projects suddenly become a yearly holiday decoration, they get such a sense of pride seeing their art displayed year after year.  So with that in mind, we made this cute St Patrick’s Day decoration.  Super simple, I just used an extra canvas that […]