Holiday Gift Guide for Expectant Moms


Somewhere Over the Rainbow Blocks If you are searching for a gift mom will treasure forever, Somewhere Over the Rainbow Blocks are perfect for her. The set comes with three square blocks with numbers 0-9 and a larger block with weeks, months, years, and grade on it. These blocks are handmade and are available in […]

Pregnancy Q & A


We’re no parenting experts here but running a website for parents, along with being moms ourselves, has given us perspective on some of the trials and tribulations that come along with parenting.  So we’ll be doing periodic Q & A’s with some of the questions that we’ve received here at Mom & Pop Culture.  This […]

Baby Bump Bundle


A new twist on the subscription box!   I LOVE getting packages in the mail… am I the only one or does it always feel like Christmas morning when you see something waiting for you on your front porch? When I got my BumpBundle I was so excited to see which one I would get […]