Cheater Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


Cheater Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Have you ever bought the refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls from the grocery store before, (I’m sure they’re a staple in all your homes like they were ours), and thought, “I could probably make these?”? Well, I have.  And then I looked into making the dough from scratch, and let me tell you […]

Easy Cabinet Refinishing Project


  Easy Cabinet Refinishing Project When we bought our house, I knew it had a lot of work to be done (it needed tons of updates, and thankfully, we got it for a good price!) So when it came time to actually work on some of these updates, I wanted to do things as easily, and […]

“Elmer The Snowman” Winter Craft Tutorial


Winter is on it’s way and soon we’ll be hearing the all too familiar anthem of kids in winter:  “Mom, I’m bored”.  It gets dark so early and it’s too cold to be outside for long, so parents have to find ways to keep little ones entertained.  Luckily Elmer’s Glue has made that a little […]

Burlap Wreath Tutorial


     There’s not a lot that’s more popular than a burlap wreath right now… they’re inexpensive, easy, and incredibly versatile since they can be reused for any season or holiday.  I was looking online for tutorials and couldn’t find any that I loved (too much talking, not enough pictures showing the steps), so I decided […]

DIY Autumn Garland


There’s little that I love quite like Autumn.  The smells, the leaves changing colors, and…ok…the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.  But even without the yummy caffeine jolts, the fall is the best time ever because I get to decorate my house in adorable DIY projects.  So I’ve made the autumn garland shown above, it was […]